We will sing three songs per week for the first six weeks of the choir, then choose nine of those for performance in week eight. A list of the songs can be downloaded here, including links to YouTube clips for each song:


You can also listen to the songs via a Spotify playlist – details are here.

The lyrics (words) of all songs can be downloaded here (22 pages):

THINGS_IN_THE_SKY_Lyrics: Version 2 February

Each song has a Main part and (generally) one or two Harmony parts.

The full musical arrangements for all songs, with guitar chords, can be downloaded here (50 pages):

THINGS_IN_THE_SKY_Music: Version 27 January

For those interested in playing the songs on guitar, the lyrics for each song with guitar chords printed above can be downloaded here (25 pages):

THINGS_IN_THE_SKY_Lyrics_With_Chords: Version 5 February

NOTE: Music and lyrics documents have a “Version” date in the bottom right-hand corner. They probably contain small errors that will be fixed progressively through the next few weeks, and the download documents updated to a new version. The differences will probably be negligible. However, it may be best to avoid printing the documents until the last minute if possible, when you can download and print a final version.

Comments and suggestions on the songs or arrangements are very welcome. You can leave a comments here:




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